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Fire & Ice CRDC (Closed Rack Data Center)

Fire & Ice CRDC

FM Engineering is pleased to introduce the next generation of data centers, Fire & Ice CRDC. Fire & Ice is the complete package for all your data center needs. The entire philosophy is to take every characteristic of a data center and bring it down to the rack level. This means bundling CRAC Units, UPS system, PDU, Fire suppression, and monitoring into a rack system that can be installed virtually anywhere!


A common problem for data centers is the inability to have adequate space. Fire & Ice eliminates the need for large rooms with raised floors that require CRAC units to function properly. Energy efficiency was a main focus behind the ideology of “Cool the RACKS not the ROOM”.


With fully custom configurations, our clients only pay for what they need, whether it being a simple one rack setup in the CIO’s office to a multiple rack set up involving complete redundancy in every aspect of the CDRC. For complete details and information please download our Fire & Ice Brochure.